I photograph awesome people
and help businesses make the time they spend on Instagram worthwhile.

Portraits as unique as you.

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Capture memories or create new ones!




Let's face it, you're awesome (you wouldn't be reading this otherwise). And you need awesome photos!

My style is fun, rich, and personal, and my packages include premium-quality photo books and wall art, and pre-shoot consultations.

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Make your branding more personal.


On-location fashion and commercial photography. Bright, vibrant and colorful.

Are you a ZZP-er? Me, too! If you are just starting out inquire about the discounted rates. I'll gladly create a custom package for you!



Do you need help with Instagram?



Instagram workshops and consulting

Everything you need to kickstart your Instagram profile or level up your insta-game. This is not a "one size fits all" solution: my Instagram workshops are fully tailored to you.

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Instagram management

I can create, organize, and post Instagram content on your behalf, track metrics and suggest improvements. We'll create content calendars for every month and I'll do the rest!




Hi, I'm Jan.

I'm a photographer based in Amsterdam, NL. I teach photography, live on Instagram and try to work with awesome people (and small business owners like me). Before I became a photographer, I worked in broadcast media for almost ten years.

Today, I manage @wonderlust.amsterdam, the biggest Amsterdam feature account for millennial travelers, preach the importance of quality photography and make videos.


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