Marken, Netherlands

Marken is a village and a peninsula in North Holland. 

The peninsula used to be an island in Zuiderzee (Southern Sea). The sea no longer exists. The land was reclaimed from water, and the Zuiderzee was divided into lakes.

Marken is just half an hour from Amsterdam by public transport. 

It is famous for its native culture and traditional houses, as well as its lighthouse. The lighthouse, Paard van Marken, has a status of national heritage monument. 


Cate Misczuk — Professional portraits in Amsterdam

Catherine Misczuk is a journalist, content writer and editor from the USA, based in Utrecht. 

I had the honor to take this set of photos for her personal website. The aim was to create something professional but not too serious. 

Cate works for lifestyle and travel publications. Her Instagram is also lifestyle and travel oriented. She works while sipping lattes in nice cafes around Holland — one of them is just the place we chose for the shoot.

Cate (4 of 11) — DSCF5368-Edit-3.jpg
Cate (7 of 11) — DSCF5380-Edit-2.jpg