Instagram can be a lot of work and it's getting new features as we speak! But despite the rumors, this is a social network where you can still grow organically, strengthen your bonds with the existing clients and customers, and reach out to new ones. Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established Instagram presence that you want to work on, I’ve got your back. As a manager of the biggest Amsterdam travel and feature account, and my own photography page with over 10k followers, I might now a thing or two ;)


1. The "Hello there!"

When you send me an enquiry, I will reply with a custom questionnaire.

This is the first step in getting to know each other, and it will help me learn more details about you and your business, like: what are your current stats, habits, inspirations and goals? And what are your weakest points (which we’ll work on) and your strongest (which we’ll leverage)?

2. The basics


After I review your answers we can get to work! We'll review everything you know about Instagram and we’ll assess your current stats and practices. There's always something new, so don't hesitate to ask questions. We'll also brainstorm some visual content for your brand, right on the spot.

We'll also talk about Instagram algorithm and different ways to spark engagement.


3. The trade secrets

I’ll explain how to create your Instagram strategy and use hashtags to maximize your discoverability, give you insight on the biggest hashtag mistakes, and teach you how to research and reuse hashtag blocks.

We’ll also go over how to decode analytics and understand their importance. I’ll also show you how to source and plan your content easily and efficiently.


4. The creator's toolkit

Creating Instagram content doesn't always require a professional photographer or designer. We'll learn the basic principles of photo editing and find the fastest workflow (tailored to YOU!) for creating different kinds of social media posts.  

We'll also look into different ways to achieve the same results on mobile and desktop.

take the workshop at your own pace.

It's private and always tailored to you. 

From knowing the basics about instagram to feeling more confident when creating content, Jan’s tips were very useful — editing pictures, how to use the right type of hashtags to create engagement and reach new audiences, different apps which I did not know of and now use daily... The workshops are a combination of theoretical and practical, and I have really enjoyed the practical side of it. Thanks, Jan!
— Ginger Goedhals, CMO of Feraggio


  • Introductory questionnaire and Skype pre-consult
  • Two 1,5-hour sessions for 1 person at location of your choice or via Skype
  • Actionable program, tailored specifically to you
  • Perfect if your Instagram profile is already seeing results but you want to make it even better


  • Introductory questionnaire and Skype pre-consult
  • Five 1,5-hour classes for 1 or 2 persons at location of your choice or via Skype
  • Theory meets practice: exercises, worksheets and homework
  • Free email updates, if anything new gets added to the course, for a year
  • Perfect if you're starting out or changing your strategy

Are you looking to organize this workshop for a small group instead? For groups between 2 and 5 persons please inquire about the group pricing.


let's instagram!

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